Canada-Netherlands Davis Cup tennis matches

Canada-Netherlands Davis Cup tennis matches

International Tennis Federation. It is highly awaited tournament of the year and each year the tennis playing nations from all over the world face each other in a knock out format. It is also referred to as the tennis world cup as the winning team is referred to as the world champions of tennis.

The first and the only match of the tournament were played in the year 1900. The best part of the tournament is that now almost 135 countries take part in the tournament. The current champion of Davis cup in France.

From 14th September to 16th September 2018 the match between Netherlands and Canada will take place. This time after a very long hiatus it is Toronto which will be hosting the match. The Canadian Tennis Organization is very excited to host the match. Since 2010 Toronto has not hosted the Davis Cup event so it is regarded as a gush of fresh air for the Canadian Tennis. There will be 4 singles and one double match which will decide the winner in a best of five formats. There will be 6000+ fans at the doubles event. The spirit of the Davis Cup is very different as compared to the other tennis events. A common Torontonian is eagerly waiting for the Davis cup and therefore the tennis mood is in full swing.

Tennis Canada

The official website of the Tennis Canada is all filled up with the information which an average Canadian needs to know. The site also states that the type of the surface and the site has not been decided yet but will be communicated soon. It is advised by the committee to stay in touch for all the details which will soon be posted on the website. Canada has secured the spot in Davis cup for the 7th time. According to Tennis Canada it this is an elite tournament which will allow the players to get their best game to the court.

Davis cup management

Gavin Ziv the VP of the operations of the Davis cup is also highly delighted about the Davis Cup match in Toronto. The others officials of the Davis cup are of the view that the Canadians will be able to see high-quality tennis. The Davis cup officials also stated that the crowd at the Toronto will be loud and this is expected as the best players of the tennis battle it out for the top. They also admit that the sporting atmosphere is highly organized and therefore highly recommended to tourists.

The bottom line

Davis Cup match

Not only Toronto but Canada is waiting for the event. The best part of this match is that the top players will be there to support their countries. The management done by Canada will be the top notch and the Davis cup management knows it. This hosting will definitely open the new tennis horizons for the country in the coming years.