Useful tennis betting tips

Useful tennis betting tips

The world of betting offers plenty of opportunities for people who love Tennis and betting at the same time. Since I’m sure that you know how this sport is played, it is interesting to focus more on the other details. These are the essential tennis betting tips.

Information you need before betting on tennis

Unlike many team sports, like basketball or football, in tennis, the main focus is on the individual player. Every player has defining strengths and weaknesses. The most fundamental difference is knowing if they are right-handed or left-handed and how they fare against each other. Some right-handed players are great against other fellow right-handers but struggle when playing against left-handers, or vice versa.

If we delve a little deeper into the details, we have to talk about the different styles of each player. For example, you have the baseline players, big servers, all-rounders, defensive players, or even players who play best when they’re close to the net. All of these types have some glaring weaknesses that can be exploited. So, looking at the head-to-head records that the players have, you can make a very informed decision on who’s more likely to win.

However, these aren’t the only factors that you should consider when developing your best tennis betting strategy. The court where the match will take place plays a significant role as well. There are four types of surfaces on which tennis can be played; carpet, hard court, clay, and grass. Every player has a favorite, on which they usually perform better. For example, Nadal loves to play on clay, Raonic’s loves to spike aces on hard court, while Federer has always been the most dangerous when playing on grass. Furthermore, it is evident that if we look at the results of Nadal and Federer that they have had on Roland Garros (clay) and Wimbledon (grass) respectively, it won’t be hard to understand why they love playing there.

Best tennis tournaments to start betting

Best tennis tournaments to start betting

When it comes to tennis betting, it’s wise to start with the Grandslams. These are the best tournaments to develop your tennis betting strategy:

  • Australian Open (hardcourt)
  • French Open (clay)
  • Wimbledon (grass)
  • US Open (hardcourt)

Both men and women compete in these Grandslams. Throughout the year women compete in the WTA which is short for Women’s Tennis Association tournaments. Men compete in ATP which is short for Association of Tennis Professionals tournaments.

Now that we have explained the basics of Tennis tournaments, let’s talk about some betting strategies that you can learn to improve your chances of winning.

The best tennis betting strategies

1. Money Line

Money Line betting is the best way start understanding how to win tennis betting. This is the easiest way because you only have to choose who will win the match. Making an informed decision on who to bet on is much simpler since there are fewer variants to take into consideration. It’s essential to learn about the head to head matchups that players have had and see how their styles measure up to each other. The odds are usually displayed as single units, that are based on a bet of $100. Logically, if you bet on the favorite, you might win only some pennies from a dollar, but if you bet on the underdog, and they end up winning, you can make some serious money.

2. Handicap

After you manage to get the hang of Money Line betting, Handicap is the next logical step. As the word handicap itself suggests, a player receives an advantage in sets or games so that the odds will even out a little. Odds are set in the way that bettors can decide if they think Player A wins despite the Handicap (disadvantage in games or sets), or if Player B wins because of the advantage that they had.

3. Outright


Along with Money Line, Outright is the easiest way of betting, since, at the beginning of the tournament, the bookmakers will give the odds that every player has to win the tournament. This form of betting doesn’t require any hard math.

4. Total Games

If you’re familiar with the over and under betting in soccer, then the same rule applies to the Total Games betting. The bookmaker will decide the number of games that might be played during the entire match, and then the bettors can decide if they think that fewer games or more games are going to be played.